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Building International Partnerships

Anglican High School actively cultivates international partnerships to enhance the scope and quality of our programmes and to realise our vision of developing bicultural scholars, accomplished achievers and honourable leaders. The experiences gained through key partnership programmes with well-established overseas school in Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hongkong illustrate the concept of global interconnectedness in a tangible way. By incorporating exchange programs and collaborative learning activities, partnering with overseas schools encourage our students to explore common grounds and develop cooperative learning skills. Also, while learning with and from their peers outside Singapore, our students are able to develop and hone cross-cultural communication and diplomacy skills.

In the same vein, international partnerships also enable our teachers to dialogue with other educators and share knowledge and ideas on how to enhance teaching and learning.

Some of our prestigious partner schools include Firbank Grammar and Ivanhoe Grammar Schools (Australia), Zhengzhou Huimin Zhongxue (Henan, China), St Paul’s College and St Stephen Girls’ College (Hongkong), and Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (Malaysia).