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Australian Connection

In line with our school vision of nurturing bicultural scholars, accomplished achievers and honourable leaders, the Australian Connection aims to nurture and develop our students into active and concerned citizens who are well-informed not only about Singapore’s affairs but also the world’s. The programme is designed to develop and nurture key 21st century competencies and skills such as civic literacy and global awareness, as well as cross cultural skills and sensitivities in our students that will contribute towards preparing them to thrive in the age of globalisation. 

16 Secondary 3 students were selected for the programme for 2014. The highlight of the programme for 2014 is the ‘Borderless Collaboration’ with Ivanhoe Grammar School where students from both schools collaborate to find a solution to some of the world’s most pressing problems. The students ‘meet’ via social media to do their planning and discussion and this culminates in a project presentation when Ivanhoe students visit Singapore in September. The objective of this project is to prepare our students for the 21st Century workplace where it is vital for them to form partnerships with people outside Singapore in order to thrive.

Our students and their buddies at Ivanhoe Grammar.Our students and their buddies at Ivanhoe Grammar. (Backrow, extreme right is Mr Gerard Foley, VP of Ivanhoe Grammar School)

The Shrine of Remembrance, one of Melbourne’s famous cultural site.
The Shrine of Remembrance, one of Melbourne’s famous cultural site.