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Australian Connection

The AHS Australian Connection 2019

In May 2019, 23 Secondary Three students and three teachers set off for the annual AHS Australian Connection programme, which provides unique opportunities for our Bicultural Scholars to experience cross-cultural communication and develop critical thinking skills. Beyond cultural workshop ice-breakers, the students embarked on a ‘Future Problem-solving with Cultural Intelligence’ project with St. Andrew’s Anglican College.

Our AHS students engaged their Australian peers in daily debates and collaborated on a presentation (carried out on the last day). They had the opportunity to explore contemporary Singapore issues, comparing these with those in the Australian context to get a better understanding of our local policies. With their refreshed outlook, these sessions helped build our students’ confidence in articulating their points.

The group experienced diverse aspects of Australia’s culture through various places of interest! Of note, they were thrilled to make the ascent on Mount Coolum; what surfaced were their grit and resilience.

Tai Wing Xin (3K) & Sie Jin See Valencia (3K):
I am managed to talk to a few people that I’ve never talked to before this trip and learn more about them. This gives me a sense of accomplishment as one of my goals was to learn to be able to talk more confidently to people even though I am shy. I am also proud that I made the first step to talk to them which I do not usually do.

Lee En Teng Chloe (3J):
I learnt a lot about the importance of being well versed on issues not just in Singapore but around the world, so that I can make informed decisions. I think a very good takeaway I had from this trip was that when you put down your phones and enjoy the people and view around you, the experiences and the memories you gain are more meaningful.