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Message from the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Sports

The East Zone Centres of Excellence (COE) exist to enhance the capacity of teachers, enrich students' learning experiences and drive innovation and creativity in teaching and learning. Currently, there are 8 zonal COE in the East Zone covering cognitive areas like Mathematics and Science , and aesthetics domain such as Music and Art . The establishment of a COE for Sports completes the remaining major domain of physical intelligence.

Traditionally, due to constraints in physical, financial and human resources, the focus of most schools has been towards competitive sports and its achievements. Consequently, few programmes catered for the masses. A zonal COE for Sports will serve the purpose of assisting schools in this area as resources can be more optimally deployed. In the backdrop of the national objective of encouraging all Singaporeans to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, the COE (Sports) will serve as a platform for more recreation sports/CCAs as well as competitive sports/CCAs.

It is, therefore, not coincidental that the COE (Sports) emphasizes a twin approach: one that caters to the masses' physical education and also focuses on the excellence in providing opportunities for coaching, training and development of games. The target sports excellence is in six games : badminton, basketball, table tennis, Football, Hockey and Netball. Over time and with more experience, we hope to widen this excellence programme to include other sports and games. The COE (Sports) will create opportunities to enrich students' learning experience in sports through recreational and competitive sports, and also enhance the capacity of teachers in the area of sports, physical education and games.

We are proud to have worked with the Physical and Sports Education Branch (PESEB), Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA), Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) of National Institute of Education (NIE), Zonal School Sports Council and schools on various initiatives and workshops for teachers and students. Our heartfelt appreciation to these colleagues who shared their expertise and valuable ideas, without which this COE (Sports) would not have been possible. We will continue to work together for the benefits of our students and teachers.

The signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singapore Badminton Association, Basketball Association of Singapore and Singapore Table Tennis Association is very significant. It heralds powerful collaborations with these external organisations to promote sporting activities / programmes for students, and professional development programmes for teachers.

Steering Committee, EZ COE(Sports)

About Us


The concept of COE in the East Zone is to serve all schools (primary, secondary and JC) within the zone and not just at cluster level. At present, academic and aesthetics facets are well represented in the eight COEs namely Mathematics, Science Exploria, Science & Technology, Life Science, Music, Art, Chinese Orchestra and Design & Technology. In the light of promoting holistic development of students in the zone, it is timely to establish a COE for Sports to cater for the different needs of all schools.


The aim of the COE for Sports is to further enhance the opportunities beyond the PE Curriculum for students and teachers to participate in a wide variety of sports programmes at a level of competency that is suitable to them.


The objectives of the COE for Sports are:
To enhance the capacity of teachers in the area of selected sports i.e Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Netball & Table Tennis,
To create opportunities to enrich students’ learning experience in selected sports i.e Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Netball & Table Tennis, and
To raise the level of performance of East Zone schools in selected sports i.e Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Netball & Table Tennis.
Desired Outcome(s) of programmes:

The desired outcomes of the programmes are:
To develop students to achieve sports excellence in Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Netball & Table Tennis,
To increase teachers’ competency in managing selected sports i.e Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Netball & Table Tennis,
To enhance collaboration amongst East Zone schools, other MOE divisions, NSAs and NIE.


The strategies that the COE for Sports would employ are:

Facilities and resources

To provide facilities for students to have competitive and recreational games;
To act as a resource centre with sports teaching materials (e.g. books and video analysis of games) for loan;
To provide facilities for training and development of teachers;

Student Development

To organise sports clinics to enhance the learning opportunities for students at primary, secondary and junior college levels;
To provide opportunities for students who are not involved in sports CCAs to participate in competitions;
To collaborate with external organisations in organising sporting activities or programmes for students;

Teacher Development

To enhance the capacity of teachers in teaching and learning of PE, especially in the case of some primary school teachers who are not formally trained to teach PE;
To organise coaching clinics for teachers-in-charge of CCAs (Badminton, Basketball and Table Tennis) so as to enhance their capabilities in sports and games. They in turn could promote the games at their schools and this works towards sustainability in interest and activities;
To collaborate and facilitate with external organisations. Examples of external organisations are National Institute of Education (NIE), East Zone Sports Development Committees (SDCs), Singapore Badminton Association (SBA), Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS), Singapore Table-Tennis Association (STTA) and sports associations in other countries. in organising professional development programmes for teachers.



EZ COE (Sports) is located in Anglican High School.

600 Upper Changi Road Singapore 487012

Contact Person
Mr William Tong - Head CCA and Partnerships
Tel: 64450504
Email: william_tong_choon_yong@moe.edu.sg
Nearest MRT station: Tanah Merah MRT
Buses : 9, 10, 14, 24, 31, 222


Steering Committee

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Let the Games Begin!

The first of its kind, EZ COE (Sports) aims to boost sports participation and increase sports excellence among students and teachers, especially those belonging to the 89 schools in the East Zone, and focuses on 3 main sports, namely Badminton, Basketball and Table Tennis.

In 2009, the merging of two COE(Sports) - Anglican High School and Park View Primary School has streamlined the activities and programmes, and improved on its efficiency and effectiveness on deployment of resources.

In addition to the previous 3 main sports (Badminton, Basketball and Table Tennis) there are 3 more sports added in after the merger; namely, Football, Hockey and Netball.



Safety SOP

Safety SOP For School Sports Activities
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Assisting the Pursuit

Training and Resource facilities
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