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Parent Support Group

Who we are

The AHS PSG welcomes parents of current AHS students to join us. We are a group of mums and dads volunteering our time and talents for the school. Through our programmes and activities, we walk together with the school towards our common vision to nurture each AHS student to be a Bicultural Scholar, Accomplished Achiever and Honourable Leader.

Our Commitment

As one of the school's key partners, we are firmly committed to the school's cultural norms in terms of:

  • Shared Goals
    • Together we journey to nurture bicultural scholars, accomplished achievers and honourable leaders
  • Spirit of collegiality and collaboration
    • We map our children's future together
  • Mutual respect for one another
    • We believe that every member has something to offer

Our structure

All Parents in AHS are automatically part of the school’s Parent Support Group where they can participate in activities which the school regularly organise for families. Some parents may come forward as Active Volunteers to plan and/or assist in various activities and administration areas; while others may take on the role as Class Ambassador for his/ her child's class. The Parent Support Group in Anglican High School is categorised into two sub-groups – the Very Caring Parents and CHAMPS Advocates. 

PSG Logo

Very Caring Parents (VCP)

We are part of the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s FamilyMatters@School programme. We organise periodic workshops and bonding activities to empower and equip parents to build strong and happy families. Through enriching workshops, activities and resources, parents can learn how to build healthy communication with their children and nurture positive relationships within the family.
We are also involved in initiatives like Mid-Autumn Festival, Holistic Health, National Education and Learning Journeys. Parents who volunteer as Class Ambassadors also come under the wings of the VCP.

CHAMPS Advocates

CHAMPS Advocates was set up in 2013 as an offshoot of PSG specially for parents who are passionate in value adding and expanding the realms of development in our students. The mission of CHAMPS Advocates is to work hand in hand with the school to nurture our children in the domains of:


Our Advocates have ignited the passion in our students by conducting electives as part of the school’s IGNITE Programme and during the school’s Innovation and Enterprise Day, our members have helped nurture a spirit of innovation and enterprise in our students by sharing their business acumen skills.