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Environmental Education

Environmental Education Framework


Legend: The 4 concentric rings (vermillion, orange, yellow and blue) represent the 4 levels (Sec 1 – 4).

Youths for Environment - Working for Our Earth.

To optimise environmental education through partnership and beyond the classroom to influence minds and habits of individuals and community to value sustainability and the environment.

The school reinforces the values of responsibility and respect for the environment through the following:
1. Learning and teaching about the environment as an integral component of Instructional Programmes.
2. The school campus and CCE programmes provide platforms to enhance beyond raising awareness to action learning about environmental issues.
3. The school is engaged in a continuous cycle of planning, implementing and reviewing our approach to sustainability as part of our everyday operations (ie, our efforts to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse).
4. The school collaborates with government agencies (e.g. PUB, NEA) to value Singapore natural resources.
5. The school works in partnership with various industries (e.g. Astar) and  local community partners (e.g. South East CDC, Fengshan CC) to influence change for an eco-friendly practices.
6. The school provides structures and support for innovation in areas of 3Rs.

Biodiversity Garden

Biodiversity garden set up in April 2015. Secondary one Environment Ambassadors have been rostered to water the plants.