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Talent Development

To stretch ALL our students cognitively, and build their leadership and personal capacity

Talent Development Diagram

Level Target Group Stages Programmes
Level 1 For ALL students Discovering & Building CHAMPS programmes
Level 2 For MANY students Curious & Exploring Modular electives
Level 3 For SOME studentsEnthusiastic & PerformingCHAMPS PLUS programme Student Leadership Appointments
Level 4For a FEW studentsPassionate & SoaringAHSMB Scholarship Programme Competitions.

Modular electives for MANY AHS students

Students would be able to select a range of modular electives such as Dynamic Science and Economics to enhance their learning beyond curriculum.

AHSMB Scholarship programme for FEW AHS students

AHSMB Scholars are allowed added opportunities, mentorship and priority to AHS global programmes. For more information, please click here.