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IGNITE Programme

Ignite Programme was held on 10th and 11th March 2014. The two-day programme provided the opportunity for students to stretch their potentials and discover their interest beyond the standard curriculum. During the programme, many elective modules such as Medicinal Chemistry, Philosophy, Food Science and Economics were offered. There were also ICT-based as well as outdoor activity electives to choose from. It was meaningful and enriching for the Secondary 1-3 students as they were able to choose the elective that they would like to attend. The sessions were filled with activities such as science experiments, discussions, hands-on trials as well as role- playing. Through these activities students learnt concepts and gain knowledge, the fun and engaging way.

Comments from students:
‘Through the elective, I am able to learn more of knowledge that is not usually taught in secondary school. The module is interesting and enriching. More importantly, it gave us an exposure of subjects learnt in JC or even university!’   -Chiu Yu Xuan, 1C 

‘The Ignite Programme is innovative. I have learnt many new things that I can apply to daily life. For example, I am more systematic in deducing meanings behind historical sources.’   -Celine Ng, 1G

‘Medicinal Chemistry elective was enriching. I learnt that paracetamol and panadol are the same! Overall, I would describe my experience of Ignite Programme as informative and a great post-examination activity which allowed me to spend my time wisely.’   - Grace Koh, 2A

‘I learnt how to take more responsibility for my life. The elective made me want to enrol in more psychology courses in future! However, I feel that the sessions should be longer.‘   -Seraphina Tang, 3H