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AHSMB Scholarship Programme

Anglican High School Management Board (AHSMB) Scholarship Programme

The Anglican High School Management Board scholarship is offered to outstanding Primary 6 students who wish to pursue their 'O' level education in Anglican High School.
The AHS Management Board Scholarship Programme aims to nurture our Scholars to be Empowered Scholars and Compassionate Leaders.
The Eagles Programme is a 4-year developmental programme that provides holistic development of the Scholars through the FILM process:

Every year, we ensure that our Scholars are trained and are able to put their training into authentic practice.
Cognitively, each Scholar also specializes in 1 subject area as part of the school’s Talent Development Programme, which aims to expose all Talents via the Awareness – Action – Action – Advocacy process for the following subject areas:
•        English Language and Literature
•        Mathematics
•        Science: The Young Scientist Programme
•        Geography
•        History

Year 1 – Environmental Champions
In the Freshmen Year, we groom our Scholars to be Environmental Champions.
This starts off with our Team Building at Forest Adventure and Induction Programme.
Working with our partners at Ground Up Initiative, our Scholars are exposed to ideas about environmental awareness and how to spread the awareness. Armed with the new knowledge, our Scholars come back to school to champion a environmental cause of their choice.

Year 2 – Societal Ambassadors
In the Second Year, we further empower our Scholars to be Societal Ambassadors. Trained in public speaking, they act as ambassadors of AHS through the school’s Open House and engaging the public in various platforms.

Our strong partnership with the People’s Association (PA) and Housing and Development Board (HDB) allows our Scholars to research and find worthy causes to improve the living conditions of the residents. Our Scholars have undertaken projects such as the Friends of the Heartland and Friendly Faces, Lively Places, that spread awareness and serve the community.

“Through the project, I realized that I can make a significant difference to communities even if I am a student and that it is easy to make someone's day even if it is just a small action.” – Sie Jin See, Valencia, 4K (2020)

Year 3 – Persuasive Communicators
In the Third Year, we provide our Scholars the autonomy to be Persuasive Communicators. Putting their training into practice, they participate in the Singapore Model Cabinet (SMC) or research on a topic that they are passionate about and do a TED talk to the school. At the SMC, our Scholars take on the roles of Ministers or representatives of Statutory Boards, to simulate the policy making process and address current and authentic problems.

“Through the “TED” Talk, I have learnt that I can effectively express my views and thoughts using speeches as medium. The “TED” talk trainings allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of speech construction and the required elements that make a speech engaging and purposeful. I found much usefulness in many of the tips and pointers given during trainings, such as regulating your tone and managing your tics, as well as adopting the right body posture and making use of body language to convey certain emotions. As I was given to liberty to choose any suitable topic, I felt that the talk would be a good avenue for me to share my thoughts and voice out my ideals passionately and with confidence. The process had many ups and downs, and there were times where I felt that talking in front of a crowd would be a daunting and unnerving task. Through all the trainings and practices, I’ve learnt that passion can override fear and there is a voice in us that wants us to challenge ourselves and be out of the ordinary. The overall experience has been fruitful and meaningful, and I strongly believe that the skills gained from this process will enable me to speak confidently and with reason.” – Isaac Wan Zi Heng, 4K (2020)


Year 4 – Future Ready Learners
In the Final Year, we ensure that our Scholars are Future Ready Learners. Our Scholars undergo the Resume and Interview workshops as well as sharing from the alumni Scholars who share their experiences.

Our Senior Scholars also put all their training from the Scholars programme to participate in the Meet-the-People Session (MPS). This allows them to understand how governance in Singapore is like, better understand the issues that Singaporeans face and how support is provided for our citizens.

“Through the MPS, I learnt that I can better emphathise with Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds and I have gained a deeper understanding on various problems on the ground which may not be heard of. I have also learnt about how the Government plays a part in providing different forms of assistance to the people through the Members of Parliament and overall it was an enriching experience.” – Jovene Tan Shin Eng, 4E (2019)


Please click here for more information on the eligibility criteria and application process.