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Appreciation of Chinese Culture

As an SAP school, AHS strives to be at the forefront in nurturing students who are bicultural, confident and effective in communicating and interacting with the global community, in particular our Chinese counterparts. Our Anglican High Chinese Experience Programme (ACE Programme) is designed to provide each student a holistic four-year experience to learn the Chinese language, culture and values.

Lower secondary students will engage in the following modules:

中一 Secondary One 
- 历史与启示 History and Enlightenment
- 环境与文化 Environment and Culture
- 文学与创作:诗歌 Literary Endeavours: Poem

中二 Secondary Two 
- 哲学与生活 Philosophy and Life
- 新加坡华人 Singapore Chinese Community
- 文学与创作:小说 Literary Endeavours: Prose

During the four years, our students have the opportunity to visit China for an immersion programme, during which they interact with the local students, experience a typical school day, and visit historical and cultural sites.

All students are also exposed to the following enrichment modules:

Sec 1长笛 Chinese Flute
水墨画 Chinese Painting
口语课程 Public Speaking Workshop
导览员 Museum Guides Training
Sec 2篆刻 Seal Carving
翻译课程 Translation Workshop
口语课程 Public Speaking Workshop
Sec 3茶艺 Tea Appreciation
武术 Wushu
翻译课程 Translation Workshop
口语课程Public Speaking Workshop
Sec 4 扯铃 Diabolo