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Robotics Club

1st IC and teachers of CCA

1st IC: Mdm Nur Hidayah

Mrs Lim Oi Leng

“Robotics – where creativity is unleashed.” – by Wang Junqiang, 3A

“Robotics – sports for the mind.” – by Javier Teo, AHS Alumni (4E 2013)

Established in 2004, Anglican High School Robotics Club is actively participated by aspiring robotics engineers and programmers. We constantly strive to develop students’ robot construction and programming skills through exposure to a variety of robotics fields and engaging professional trainers for training. Students will be given ample opportunities to compete in various internal and inter-school competitions to pitch their skills against the best to create the strongest, smartest or fastest robot. Apart from that, students are also given opportunities to develop their leadership and management skills through committee postings as well as student leader positions during internal and external events, such as IDE Series or AHS Family Fiesta. Every member will receive training in two different fields of robotics that are Lego Mindstorm (EV3) and Arduino.

The club has two teachers-in-charge, namely Mdm Nur Hidayah and Mrs Lim Oi Leng. CCA is held every Wednesday (3.45 pm to 6 pm) and Friday (2.45 pm to 5.30 pm).