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1st IC: Ms Cheryl Tan

Mdm Lur Bee Cheng
Mrs Justine Seong
Mrs Jamuna Mohan

“The AHS Choir is more than just a CCA to me; we are one big family, caring for each other and helping each other improve.” - Koh Si Siang (2B, Tenor)

“Being in the choir has given me immense strength, indescribable emotions and countless opportunities for me to grow as a leader, person and singer.” Chew Kay Yin (4D, Alto)

The Anglican High School Choir is made up of singers who are not only passionate about using their voices to make music but who also firmly believe in working together in one accord to reach even greater milestones. Under the guidance of their choral conductor, Mr Terence Toh, the four-section choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) continually seeks to break new ground in their pursuit of excellence.

Some highlights in the choir calendar would include:

Choral Concert 2018, Quispium Novus: Held in November 2018 at Victoria Concert Hall, the well-received concert centred around the theme of remembering. The choir performed a series of moving repertoires including Christus Factus Est and Listen to the Lambs. They were also joined by choir alumni, who served as a fitting reminder of what it meant to remember one’s origins, in their continued contribution to the choir. The many months of hard work culminated in an ethereal performance and a night to remember for both the choir and audience alike.

Singapore Youth Festival 2019: The choir was awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging held in April 2019. Preparing for the SYF was an intense learning experience that not only gave the choir the opportunity to hone their skills, but also drove home the importance of hard work in creating harmony and music that inspires.