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English Drama

1st IC: Miss Nuha

Miss Sharon Tan
Mdm Cellina Chin

“Being in English Drama gave me a wonderful group of friends over the four years in CCA.” – by  Sean Ng Jia Hao, 4A

“From the moment I stepped into ED, I didn’t just become part of ED, but ED became a part of who I am.” – by Alician Twan Ying Xuan, 4A

In 2018, the English Drama Club ventured into uncharted waters and performed a revolving play called “Games We Play” that was opened up to the public as well our school population. Done up from scratch and based loosely on our personal experiences as students, the play centred around two best friends who grew apart due to the polarity of their households’ upbringing. One grows up bitter while the other grows up showered with love, and the performance transparently depicted the struggles of secondary school friendships, studies and the expectations from family. With the audience revolving among four different set locations and viewing the play in different order before culminating in a final common climatic scene, this one-of-a-kind original play was humorous, relatable and a tear-jerker.

In 2019, our team of 48 comprised of Secondary Ones to Secondary Fours who put in their full effort into performing a contemporary twist on the literary classic “Lord of the Flies” for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation in April. Using self-designed portable ramps and intricate props, both cast and crew worked together to bring this detailed and complex play to life. Centered around a desperate power struggle in a tale of betrayal, abused authority and one teen’s longing for approval, the play paralleled scenes from the Lord of The Flies to events that happened in a fictional Drama Club. It depicted how primitive human nature and the need for control are ingrained in us even in a ‘civilised’ society. Our challenging, break-the-fourth-wall adaption highlighted our tight teamwork and high competency as a drama club, in the process teaching us that the journey, memories and relationships built are much more valuable than any achievements we can attain.