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Girls' Brigade

1st IC: Miss Yan Xiuru

Mdm Evelyn Choo
Miss Ng Puay Khim
Miss Grace Cheng

"GB has certainly made a big impact on my life, empowering me to exercise greater discipline and responsibility in my school and personal life" – Yeo Jia Yun (3K)

"I’ve learnt to persevere during tough times and be there for, and support, my batchmates at all times" - Natalie Tan (3E)

The Girls’ Brigade of Anglican High School was formed in 2003 and now has a membership of 60, comprising 15 Secondary Ones, 20 Secondary Twos, 16 Secondary Threes and 9 Secondary Fours. 2013 saw our 8th batch of graduating girls who completed their secondary education. The EXCO handed over their duties to the Secondary Threes during the Passing Out Parade in June this year.

Our motto is “Every Girl a Leader, Every Officer a Servant Leader”, and our programme aims to groom each girl into a dependable, disciplined and dedicated member of the Brigade who will make worthwhile contributions to the school and society in general. Our girls enjoy an array of activities that develop the spiritual, physical, educational and social facets of their lives.

This year, our secondary three and four members busied themselves with attending the leadership conference and other HQ events while the secondary one recruits took part in a thrilling combined hike with the secondary one Boys’ Brigade members. The secondary twos attended a corporals’ weekend camp and learnt many skills including the essential attitude of esprit de corps.

In all, this has been a wonderful year in enabling our girls to take part in Brigade activities, acquire useful life skills and work well in a team.