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Overseas Experience

AHS students are encouraged to participate in at least one overseas learning experience during their four years at AHS. We believe that an overseas learning experience will allow our students to be global citizens who navigates across cultures confidently.
Our students become aware and grow in confident in speaking and communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds. They also learn about the global and cultural perspectives that impact the environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic relations between countries.

Our signature overseas programmes are:
- China Immersion Programme
- The Australian Connection
- Twinning school, Malaysia
- Overseas service learning projects

China Immersion Programme 中华文化浸濡活动

June 2019


“‘读万卷书,不如行万里路’,这次的浸濡活动让我增长了许多书本以外的知识。它教会了我如何照顾好自己和他人,没了父母的陪伴,不仅一种新鲜的体验, 也是一种成长。”——胡涵琪( 2K)

The Australian Connection

May 2019
23 Secondary Three students and three teachers set off for the annual AHS Australian Connection programme, which provides unique opportunities for our Bicultural Scholars to experience cross-cultural communication and develop critical thinking skills. Beyond cultural workshop ice-breakers, the students embarked on a ‘Future Problem-solving with Cultural Intelligence’ project with St. Andrew’s Anglican College.

Our AHS students engaged their Australian peers in daily debates and collaborated on a presentation (carried out on the last day). They had the opportunity to explore contemporary Singapore issues, comparing these with those in the Australian context to get a better understanding of our local policies. With their refreshed outlook, these sessions helped build our students’ confidence in articulating their points.

The group experienced diverse aspects of Australia’s culture through various places of interest! Of note, they were thrilled to make the ascent on Mount Coolum; what surfaced were their grit and resilience.

Tai Wing Xin (3K) & Sie Jin See Valencia (3K):
I am managed to talk to a few people that I’ve never talked to before this trip and learn more about them. This gives me a sense of accomplishment as one of my goals was to learn to be able to talk more confidently to people even though I am shy. I am also proud that I made the first step to talk to them which I do not usually do.

Lee En Teng Chloe (3J):
I learnt a lot about the importance of being well versed on issues not just in Singapore but around the world, so that I can make informed decisions. I think a very good takeaway I had from this trip was that when you put down your phones and enjoy the people and view around you, the experiences and the memories you gain are more meaningful.

Twinning Programme with Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English) College, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

25 July 2019
It was an opportunity for the Secondary Three students in the Malay Special Programme (MSP) to experience various aspects of culture of our twinning school across the border in Johor, Malaysia. Students were immersed in the classroom setting at MSAB and had the chance to experience how lessons were conducted and see the differences and similarities between both schools. This programme also provided a platform for them to practise their conversations in the Malay language with their buddies.

A Cultural Enrichment Programme was also organised for Secondary Two cohort to be exposed to elements of the Malay culture which are topics covered in the Conversational Malay syllabus. Students played the Kompang (a handheld drum commonly used in wedding festivities), painted on a pre-waxed cloth with Batik designs and tried the basic techniques of Silat (martial arts practised in Malay archipelago).

“I think such programmes are necessary and important as people from both sides can get to understand their counterpart’s cultures and traditions, so as to not have any tensions between the two countries. This programme is one of many ways to understand life on the other side of the border.” – Chan Hui Si, 3K

“Twinning programmes with overseas schools provide students like myself with an opportunity to study in a different country and environment, experiencing the history and culture of another country, as well as meeting new friends to enrich their personal development. International exchange programs are also effective to challenge students to develop a global perspective.” – Tan Yih Hao, 3J

“I think such programmes are beneficial and necessary as they allow for cultural exchange and understanding of one another, which I personally feel is very important in today's political climate.” – Joshua Tan Kai, 3E

Overseas Community Involvement Project

November 2019
Every year, selected student leaders have the opportunity to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for an enriching leadership experience on the Overseas Community Involvement Project.

As part of the Servant Leadership programme, these student leaders collaborate with the locals to provide a service to the villagers. As they work on the tasks for the village, they would need to adapt quickly to an unfamiliar environment while looking out for one another and ensuring each other's safety and well-being.

"I felt that the interaction with the kindergarten children was truly memorable. Through skits in Chinese, I was able to engage and empathise with the children in my class. Mural painting was another meaningful activity which not only added colour to their lives but also helped us give back to the community. OCIP provided me with a unique and enriching platform to expand my views of the world, forcing me to step out of my comfort zone to experience a different way of life." Leong En Hao, 4D 2020
"I clearly remember the road-paving activity. The whole process required much coordination and teamwork from everybody. Despite feeling tired and sore, I reminded myself to persevere.  Other-centredness was one leadership quality that I learnt from OCIP. There were numerous times when teammates placed others before themselves as they empathised with those who felt tired or worn out from the activities that they were engaged in.  Through this activity, I have learnt to take the initiative to help others when they need it, and do the right thing for others." Joseph Wee, 4F 2020