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Student Leadership

In Anglican High School, every student is a leader - a servant leader.

Our Student Leadership programme is centred on the philosophy of Servant Leadership. We aim to inspire AHS Students to have a heart for the community and influence the people around them to also do good for others.

Beginning with a school-wide emphasis on Responsible Decision-Making, Self-Management and Self-Awareness, students are introduced to the concept of Self-Efficacy. To further develop students' leadership potential, we have the Student Leaders’ Preparation Programme, where Secondary Two students are selected to reinforce the attributes of a Servant Leader in preparation for their leadership roles in Secondary 3 in their classes, student council and CCAs.

Our AHS Student Councillors and CCA Leaders, guided by the principle of Servant Leadership, would embark on a leadership journey of serving others, so that those they serve may in turn be inspired to serve others.

Our Student Leaders have indeed contributed immensely to the well-being of their peers in school and we are proud of our student leaders who continually strive towards excellence in serving others.


"Having gone through many life-changing leadership experiences in AHS, I am grateful for every opportunity I have been given, not only to lead, but to first serve those around me. It is only through these actions that we can truly be called a leader. Servant Leadership at its core is truly to humble ourselves and serve those who need it, and not just those whom we want to serve. The people make the leader, not the other way round." - Warrant Officer Joseph Wee, 4F (Company Sergeant Major, Boys' Brigade 2020)

"In serving the school as the Vice President of the Student Council, I was blessed with many opportunities to grow as a leader. I learnt to engage and influence different personalities using different communication styles so as to work towards our common goal of organising a successful school event. I also learnt how to function well under pressure and be adaptable in all situations. In our culture of Servant Leadership in AHS, I developed the habit of learning through reflection so that I’m constantly growing to be a better leader." - Audrey Ng, 4K (Vice-President of Student Council 2020)