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Student Well-Being

At AHS, we are proud of our strong culture of care. Our dedicated team of caring and competent teachers and staff work closely together to ensure that our students feel safe and cared for, have a sense of belonging and feel connected to the school.

The core team is made up of:

Year Head Team
Our Year Head team oversees and coordinates various school programmes and matters relating to the holistic development of students. The team works closely with Form Teachers of each level to provide strong socio-emotional support for our students. The team also coordinates efforts to provide a coherent educational experience in the six domains of Cognitive (智), Headship (领), Aesthetics (美), Moral (德), Physical (体), and Social (群) for our students.
Form Teacher
With two form teachers per class, the well-being of each student is closely monitored through daily interactions. One-to-one conversations are also conducted with each student to provide strong support throughout the academic year.
Life Coach
(Full-Time School Counsellor) 
Our Life Coach engages and supports students in their social-emotional development and well-being through coaching conversations. She works with teachers, peers and families in the process. She also connects students and families to community resources/external professionals for further support and assistance when required.
Learning Coach
(Allied Educator of Learning and Behavioural Support)
Our Learning Coach provides one-to-one or small group intervention structured and systematic support for students with special educational needs (SEN).  She coaches students with special learning and behavioral needs on learning strategies and social skills. She also works closely with teachers, parents and external professionals to support and take care of the well-being of students with special education needs.
Peer Support Leader Every student is a peer supporter. Apart from trusted adults, we believe that peers are the next best people to provide social and emotional support for students facing challenges in their lives.
In addition, two students from each class are specifically trained as Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) to equip them with specific skills to provide even greater support to their classmates.
Together with the teachers, our PSLs play an important role in creating a caring culture in the school.


As a PSL, I have learnt to be empathetic towards others. Reflecting on my past experiences have helped me to better understand the circumstances other people are in. When my classmates need a listening ear, I am there for them. I share with them how I have gotten out of my own difficult circumstances. Although it might not seem much at first, I am glad that I have helped them. I have also learnt leadership skills as a PSL, from taking the initiative to buy sweets for the class to working with other PSLs to do something for the level.
Kevin Chua (Peer Support Leader, 2F, 2020)

This year was a rollercoaster ride as many people faced different problems, especially during the circuit breaker. Many of my peers came to me for advice as they felt cooped up and isolated from the outside world. Some felt stressed about how they were going to readjust to the new norm. I was glad that I could be their listening ear, and to apply the skills from the courses I have attended to better communicate with them. This year may not have been the best year but I am glad that I was able to be more responsible and help my friends whenever I can.
Marcus Chia Wei Xuan (Peer Support Leader, 3J 2020)