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Talent Development

At Anglican High School (AHS), we seek to develop a diverse mix of talents who create value for others.

The Talent Development programme aims to celebrate and grow talents through differentiated learning experiences. It takes reference from Treffinger’s Levels of Service approach to talent development programming.

LevelTarget GroupStagesProgrammes
Level 1ALL StudentsDiscovering & Building
AHS Curricular and Co-curricular programmes
Level 2MANY StudentsCurious & Exploring
Subject-based stretch opportunities
Level 3 SOME Students Enthusiastic & PerformingSubject Talent Programme
DSA Sports Talent Programme
Level 4FEW Students Passionate & Soaring
AHS Management Board Scholarship Programme

Subject Talent Programme
The Subject Talent Programme aims to deepen students’ disciplinary grounding and motivations by strengthening foundational competencies and expanding horizons. Selected students are provided the opportunity to extend their learning through experiences including workshops, competitions, projects and learning journeys.

AHS Management Board Scholarship Programme

The AHS Management Board Scholarship Programme aims to nurture motivated, mission-minded leaders by empowering them with skills for Critical Thinking and Interacting with Others so that their Future Readiness will be ensured. Selected students are equipped to create value for others through additional opportunities for holistic development, with the support of teacher mentors.