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Infocomm Club

Marc Ribaud, a French photographer, once said “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” This is what was on the minds of our Infocomm students when they went to Chinatown to capture the festive moods of our Chinese New Year in the year of the Roaster. It was a lucky day for us because It didn’t rain and we made it to Chinatown to be soaked in the festive mood of the lunar new year. Our members were able to apply what they learned in photography to capture those moments. 
Infocomm Club Photo 1
Infocomm Club Photo 2
Infocomm Club Photo 3

We are a service-oriented club and we render help to take photographs or videos at school events. Our members are also on duty daily during the morning assemblies. 

The SDMA is an annual competition organised by the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education and the School Film and Media Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It provides a platform for students to express themselves through visual media such as videos and photo essays. It also helps to develop students’ creativity and hone their critical thinking skills which are in line with our school teaching model. 
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The coding programme by IMDA includes academic learning of related concepts using programming language such as Scratch and combining with robotic kit such as Arduino. This exposes our members to think logically and enhances their problem solving skills and in turn, helps to build a generation of workforce inculcated with basic coding and computational thinking skills.
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