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Innovation and Enterprise Club

Innovation and enterprise is an important life-skill that will better prepare our young to stay relevant and thrive in a future of uncertainty and change. The spirit of I&E is in essence a mindset and outlook of creativity and initiative. Singapore needs people with a strong I&E spirit to meet the challenges of global economic development and be willing to try new, untested routes without undue fear of failure. They need to create and seize new opportunities instead of just looking at improvisation of conventional businesses. Hence, I&E club was set up in 2013 to better prepare our students for this new world. Through weekly activities, members are trained in the knowledge, skills, and attitude required of an innovator and successful entrepreneur. 

Key Events

Mothers’ Day Sale – A Social Enterprise Project with Simei Care Centre
To nurture in our students the spirit of ‘giving back’ to the community, we collaborated with Simei Care Centre in a social enterprise project during Mothers’ Day 2016. The secondary one members visited Simei Care Centre and was given a first-hand experience to understand the profile of the clients and the activities which they carry out in Simei Care Centre. We were then consigned Mothers’ Day gifts handmade by the clients of Simei Care Centre, and our members actively promoted the sales of these items to their own school mates and staff of the school. Based on previous year's review, the members set up 2 stalls- one in the concourse and the other just outside the teachers' staff room in order to generate more sales.
Mothers’ Day Sale Photo 01Mothers’ Day Sale Photo 02
National Youth Business Challenge (NYBC) 2016
National Youth Business Challenge (NYBC) is an annual competition organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Business & Accountancy. The main purpose of this competition is to allow secondary school students to have a meaningful and enriching learning experience through hands-on application which generates earth-friendly business concepts and ideas. For this year's finals held at Changi City Point Shopping Centre, the teams marketed their products made of recycled materials and sold these products to the public. After a day's of hard but meaningful work, teams from Anglican High School walked away with a bronze award and also the 'Most Dedicated Team' Award for their efforts. 
National Youth Business Challenge Photo 01National Youth Business Challenge Photo 02
National Youth Business Challenge Photo 03National Youth Business Challenge Photo 04

National Pushcart Challenge 2016
The National Pushcart Challenge is a nationwide inter-secondary school entrepreneurship competition that seeks to showcase the brightest ideas and celebrate the spirit of enterprise among the youths in Singapore. In line with MOE’s initiative of Applied Learning Programme (ALP), the National Pushcart Challenge provides a platform for all secondary schools to showcase the brightest ideas and celebrate the spirit of enterprise among the youths in Singapore. Five secondary Two members represented the CCA in participating for the competition which was held at the newly opened Waterway Point in Punggol on 10 August 2016. Dressed in their kebayas as part of the theme, the team impressed the judges with their sales pitch and had won rave reviews about the items which they are selling.   
National Pushcart Challenge 2016 Photo 01National Pushcart Challenge 2016 Photo 02
Ice Cream Making Competition 2016
Three members from AHS I&E Club participated in this annual competition jointly organised by Nanyang Polytechnic and Swensens Singapore. This competition aims to give secondary school students the opportunity to learn about food science and nutrition through exciting hands-on experiences in making ice cream drinks. The three members, Lau Xin Qi (Sec 2F), Deanne Alice Dennis and Tay Xinyu Zandra (both from Sec 2K) managed to qualify for the finals on 7 Jan 2017 after emerging as one of the top 10 schools out of the 22 participating schools this year by creating a sugar-free ice cream drink through the use of a sugar replacer- iLite. Though the team did not managed to bag the top three prizes, they managed to impress the judges with their concoctions.

Ice Cream Making Competition 2016 Photo 01Ice Cream Making Competition 2016 Photo 02

Learning Journeys

Our members went on a learning journey to the Red Dot Design Museum, where they were inspired by more than 200 award-winning futuristic design concepts from the most talented designers and innovative companies worldwide. A visit was also organised to Carousell, a Singaporean e-commerce company which provides consumer to consumer sales services via a mobile application.
Learning Journeys Photo 01Learning Journeys Photo 02