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Innovation and Enterprise Club

1st IC and teachers of CCA

1st IC: Ms Hurul Ain Bte Muhammad Reni

Mdm Nurhafizah Bte Anwar
Mrs Li Mingxian Marianne
Ms Lui Sheen Yee 

“Being in I&E has equipped me with better creative thinking skills to come up with original and innovative ideas.” Wang Yu Yun, 2G.

“Being in I&E has helped develop my creativity.” Gwendolyn Florica Tan, 1G.

Innovation and enterprise is an important life-skill that will better prepare our young to stay relevant and thrive in a future of uncertainty and change. The spirit of I&E is in essence a mindset and outlook of creativity and initiative. Singapore needs people with a strong I&E spirit to meet the challenges of global economic development and be willing to try new, untested routes without undue fear of failure. They need to create and seize new opportunities instead of just looking at improvisation of conventional businesses. Hence, I&E club was set up in 2013 to better prepare our students for this new world. Through weekly activities, members are trained in the knowledge, skills, and attitude required of an innovator and successful entrepreneur.