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Robotics Club

Established in 2004, Anglican High School Robotics Club is actively participated by aspiring robotics engineers and programmers. We constantly strive to develop students’ robot construction and programming skills through exposure to a variety of robotics fields and engaging professional trainers for training. Students will be given ample opportunities to compete in various internal, inter-school and occasionally international competitions to pitch their skills against the best to create the strongest, smartest or fastest robot. Apart from that, students are also given opportunities to develop their leadership and management skills through committee postings as well as student leader positions during internal and external events, such as IDE Competition or AHS Carnival. It is a requirement that every member of the club must be involved in at least 2 fields of Robotics.

The club has three teachers-in-charge, namely Mdm Nur Hidayah, Mr Hamdan Selamat and Mr Teo Yi Sheng. CCA is held every Wednesday (3.45 pm to 6 pm) and Friday (2.30 pm to 6 pm).


Every year, members from the club will take part in the following competitions and events.

Jan:     CCA Orientation, Singapore Robotics Games
Mar:     AHS Carnival, IDE Competition, Inter-School Picomouse Competition
June:   Singapore VEX Robotics Competition
July:    DSO-DSTA Robotics Challenge @ VJC 
Sept:   National Junior Robotics Competition

The various fields of robotics ventured by our club are as follows:

LEGO (NXT/EV3) Mindstorm – It is a kit which enables students to design, construct and programme robots which can perform different tasks according to assigned missions.

Picomouse – Students learn the use of simple maze-solving algorithms, motion control and strategies to navigate the robot along the best pre-determined path in the shortest possible time as well as the operation of sensors and stepper motors.

VEX – The design system provides an exciting platform for students to learn more about engineering, science and math, while at the same time, encouraging teamwork, leadership and problem-solving in groups. Students will construct robots that are able to run both autonomously and with the use of a controller to complete given missions.

Club Activities 

PicomouseRobo RacerVex
Lego (NXT)

AHS Robotics Club has achieved many milestone achievements for 2015. For Picomouse, students clinched 2nd position in Singapore Robotics Games on 28 Jan 2015 and a Merit Award in the Engineering Explorer Competition which took place on 26 Mar 2015. 

IDE Competition.jpg

Picomouse Winners.jpg
Our Robotics Club had also successfully co-organised the Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Competition held in Anderson Secondary School on 20 Mar 2015. In the competition, our students had clinched the 4th and 9th positions in the IDE Robotics category.