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CCA Leaders Camp

CCA Leaders Camp 2019

In the 7th edition of the CCA Leaders’ Camp held this year, participants camp were selected based on the Servant Leadership attributes, and on the understanding that they would assume the leadership role in their CCAs. For 3 days and 2 nights, these budding student leaders were taken out of their comfort zones and in a series of challenges, they were put through their paces.  Held over a weekend, the camp was intensive, placing the onus on participants to work together in teams, and show their resilience, and the tenacity to adapt to and overcome anything that was thrown their way. In addition to the obstacles they needed to clear, these student leaders were also given the opportunity to help raise awareness for various organisations. Their attitudes allowed the teachers, the camp organisers, to reach the conclusion that these student leaders would be able to hold their own in the running of their CCAs.

“We suffered together, but at the same time, had fun as a team as we cheered each other on and celebrated our accomplishments!” – Maegan Yow, 3G 19’ –

“Although the camp was exhausting in many aspects, it really embodied the true meaning of servant leadership and was truly meaningful and beneficial to our development as leaders.” – Chloe Lee, 3F 19’ –