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Code Of Conduct

Titus 3:1-2

Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.

Rules and regulations are essential as they maintain an environment conducive for learning. Rules and regulations is more than just about correct behaviour. It develops self-discipline and requires correct values. Therefore keeping to rules and regulations is important as it develops our character.

General Conduct

 We have the responsibility to think and act right by having good manners, showing respect
 and  care for others and the environment. We also have the responsibility of being good  ambassadors for the school. 

  • Be polite and well-behaved at all times
  • Obey school authority.
  • Be co-operative with and considerate to others, include non-teaching staff.
  • Take good care of school property and premises.
  • Uphold the good name of the school at all times, within the school, at home and in any public place.

 We have the responsibility of showing our loyalty to the school by wearing our uniform  properly. We demonstrate respect for self and others by being neat and well-groomed at all  times.

  • Wear the prescribed uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Be in full uniform during official school functions, examinations and when representing the school in external functions.
  • Wear school uniform or official PE attire (PE T-shirts and school pants or PE / Sports shorts or school skirts) during the holidays and weekends. CCA T-shirts with school pants or PE / Sports shorts or school skirts may be used for CCA activities. No other attire is allowed. Slippers are not allowed except after 5 pm during camps.
  • Keep fingernails clean, short and not varnished.
  • Wear only watches, the only accessory is allowed is a pair of thin ear sticks for girls.
  • Keep face clean-shaven (boys) and free from make-up (girls).

 We have the right to an education and therefore have the responsibility to attend all lessons,  CCAs and other school activities punctually and regularly.

  • Produce a medical certificate/parent’s letter/official document to substantiate any absence from school. Absence without valid reason is considered as truancy.
  • Only one parent’s letter will be allowed to substantiate any absence (not more than 1 day) from school per term.
  • Obtain permission first when there is a special reason to leave school early.
  • Students are required to attend school for the whole duration of the school term. Obtain permission from Principal first for any special leave.

 As citizens of Singapore, we have the responsibility to show our loyalty and respect to the  nation. We therefore observe the flag raising ceremony with dignity and pride. 

  • Be in school by 7.40 am so as to be punctual for Flag Raising Ceremony. Reaching school after 7.40 am is considered late.
  • Flag raising starts at 7.45 am.
  • Stand at attention and sing the National Anthem and school song with pride.
  • Take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  • Be attentive to all proceedings.
  • Leave the assembly area orderly and quickly so that lessons can begin on time.

 We have the right to a good classroom environment. We have the responsibility to be  respectful and considerate to teachers and classmates. We also have the responsibility not to  disturb the learning of others.

  • Be attentive during lessons and have an inquiring mind.
  • Take pride in your work, hand in your assignments on time and do your corrections promptly.
  • Remain in the classroom in between periods. Seek permission from the teacher first even when you have a valid reason to leave the classroom.
  • Keep the classroom clean at all times.
  • Take good care of the furniture. Drawing or writing on / damaging furniture is prohibited.
  • Use equipment correctly, especially the computer, control panel and projectors, and handle them with care. Be prompt in reporting any fault/damage/missing item.
  • Be enthusiastic in making your classroom attractive, warm and inviting. Decorate the display board and notice board only. Beautifying or hanging things from any window / fan / wall / projector / fitting is prohibited.
  • Make conscious effort to conserve energy. Turn off all lights and fans when classroom is not used.
  • Clear all books, files and stationery from tables, straighten tables and place chairs on them at the end of the last period.
  • No playing of poker cards and magic cards in class.

We have the right to demonstrate social responsibility by good social and table manners.

  • Queue up for your food and drink.
  • Consume all food and drinks in the canteen only
  • Food and drinks are allowed to be consumed in the classrooms only during the refresh period.
  • Clear the tables after your meals. Return all used utensils to receptacles supplied. Dispose used cans, bottles, plastic bags and other containers into bins provided.

We have the right to the safety of our personal belongings. We therefore have the responsibility to keep them safely. We respect that the school is an environment free from distractions from learning; therefore we will only use mobile phones/ electronics devices only at appropriate times.

  • Mobile phones/ portable music players/ electronic devices will be confiscated and handed to Operations Manager when found in use during lesson time.
  • Any audio/video recording in the school premise can only be done with teacher’s and/or school’s permission.