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Student Attire

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       Lower Sec (Boys)             Lower Sec (Girls)              Upper Sec (Boys)            Upper Sec (Girls)

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        PE Attire (Boys)                PE Attire (Girls)

1 Girls
  • Hair that reaches below the collar must be tied up with black rudder bands
  • Hair at the side to be kept off the face with blackpins / hair band
  • Fringe to be above the eyebrows
  • Dyeing of hair not allowed
2 Boys
  • Hair at the back to be above collar and sloped
  • Hair at the side does not cover any part of the ears and sloped
  • Hair cannot be made to stand with the use of hair-gel / hair-styling product
  • Perming / dyeing of hair not allowed
  • Fringe to be above the eyebrows
3 Shirt/Blouse fully tucked in at waist
4 All school buttons and badge displayed
5 Skirts to be of knee length
6 White shoes and AHS socks only. Socks to be above ankles