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The Softball Team aims to build our Softballers with 3 core values:  Perseverance, Commitment and Passion. With these 3 core values, it builds them to not only be a better team player but also as a greater person. Trainings are tough and are conducted 2 times a week. It will encompass on stamina, understanding techniques and team bonding. It is to prepare them for up-coming competitions. 

Softball Team Photo 01

The Softball Boys’ team was formed in the year 2003 and the Girls’ team in the year 2005. It has now fully transformed into an all Girls’ team. Over the years of softball history at Anglican High School, the players have trained hard and have made great achievements in zonal competitions.

The ‘B’ Division boys did the school proud by clinching the 3rd Runners-up in the East Zone Inter-School Softball Championship in 2014. The boys went on to compete in the National Inter-School Softball Championship and qualify for the Quarter Finals. They have played well at this stage of the competition and even won the traditional strong school, ACS(I), missing narrowly for a place in the Semi Finals.

The ‘B’ Division girls have also did the school proud by clinching 3rd place in the Bedok Green Softball Invitational Game in 2017. The girls have also competed in the National Inter-School Softball Championship and have fought a tough battle with strong schools. 

The Softball Girls’ team are training and fighting hard for the next coming season!

Softball Team Photo 02
Softball Team Photo 03