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Boys' Brigade

2016 is an abundant year for Boys' Brigade 14th Company.  The CCA has managed to attain JM Fraser Award For Excellence Gold with Honours Roll for Year 2016. The BB 14th Company also garnered many achievements in the following competitions organised by BBHQ:

Colours Consecration Ceremony 2016

The Boys’ Brigade of Singapore bestows the Company Colours Flag to the 14th Company from Anglican High School in 2016. The 14th Coy has achieved the JM Fraser Gold Award as well as Gold Awards for the Adventure Quest and Character Quest competitions for six consecutive years. On the 7th February 2015, the Singapore Boys’ Brigade 14th Coy’s Colours was consecrated, in the presence of our stakeholders. We are very honoured and humbled to receive the Colours flag.

Boys' Brigade Photo 01

James Milner Fraser Award for Excellence

This award is named after the Founder of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore, Mr James Milner Fraser. The Boys’ Brigade 14th Coy from Anglican High School has attained the JM Fraser Award For Excellence Gold with Honours Roll for 2014.

Boys’ Brigade 85th Anniversary

On 28th February 2015, The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore made history by bringing together close to 7,000 members under one roof at the Singapore Expo to commemorate the BB’s growth in Singapore for the past 85 years. The event, The BB RE: UNION, is made up of 3 segments namely Trooping the Colours Ceremony, Musical Performance and the Sealing of a Time Capsule. Gracing the occasion was Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat. Our Secondary Four boys were also part of the marching contingent in the Trooping the Colours Ceremony.

Boys' Brigade - Boys’ Brigade 85th Anniversary Photo 01

Founders’ Awardees 2015

Founder's Award is the pinnacle award in the Seniors Programme.  Five of our outstanding awardees are Lee Shun Hao (4A), Ryan Xiong-Lin Adriel (4E), Jovan Lim Wei Hern (4E), Ong Chin Siang (4G) and Chai Guo Liang (4G).  

Camp Temasek 2015

Camp Temasek is held once every 5 years. As part of BB 85th Anniversary, Camp Temasek VI was held from 17 June to 21 June at Prince George’s Park Residences. This year, our boys joined a total of 1013 campers including 99 overseas participants from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines in this camp. 

Boys' Brigade - Camp Temasek 2015 Photo 01

Leadership Development Course 2 (2015)

Our Company Secondary 3 boys participated in LDC 2 this year. They were split into different squads with trainees from other Company to undergo training. During the course, the boys learn, practise and develop practical leadership skills. The best trainees from our Company are Lim Jun Xian Caleb (3D) and Ong Zheng Wen Daryl (3G).

Boys' Brigade - Leadership Development Course 2 (2015) Photo 01