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NCC (Land)

1st IC and teachers of CCA

1st IC: Mr Gey Meng Kiat Andrew

Mr Azmi bin A Rashid
Mr Ng Hong Ghee Vincent
Mr Koh Chit Boon Amos

“Being in the NCC has taught me that there is no substitute for hard work in order to achieve one’s goals.’ Zhang Ziqi 4A

Established in 1968, the AHS NCC (LAND) unit is one of the premier CCAs in Anglican High School, renowned for its many outstanding achievements and awards since its founding. We pride ourselves as one of the elite units in NCC and we constantly strive hard to scale new heights. 

We believe in constantly blending tough physical training with character building to nurture future leaders and to mould all-round cadets, be it physically, mentally or academically. Our cadets also hone their leadership skills through the planning and execution of various NCC activities.